Q: I see that many models of your kettles are offered in both diesel and propane heating systems. Which one is better?

A: The choice of heating systems is really up to the end user. Both systems are reliable and we match the burner system outputs to ensure comparable heat up times. Some users will focus on a single fuel source and choose their kettle accordingly. Others may have restrictions in their work areas for some fuel types and may elect to use a different fuel source. If you tell us what you need, we will most likely be able to design and build it for you..

Q: Why should I buy a Marathon router?

A: Marathon's router is the best balanced machine on the market. This provides less operator fatigue and safer operation. We hand build each router to exacting standards and specifications and this proven design has been in use for many, many years.

Q: Does Marathon offer any customization of machines?

A: If the customer provides us with a concept or drawings of what they want we will evaluate whether that modification may be safely incorporated into an existing model's design.

Q: Do you have a machine that will pump AC20?

A: Our KEB line of kettles with optional pumping systems will melt and pump AC20.

Q: Does Marathon ship outside of North America?

A: Yes, Marathon ships all over the world.



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